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Venom Tattoo

Venom was originally created as a villain in the Spiderman universe, by Todd McFarlane.

Over time, though, he’s become more of an antihero. Eddie Brock became Venom when a Symbiote bonded with him; the Symbiote suit alone can be incorporated into a tattoo in many ways. With his black and white aesthetic and the creepy spider pattern on his chest, Venom is the ultimate tattoo for the super-fan.

There are several variations of Venom tattoos for men that work well. Venom’s face in profile would make a rocking shoulder blade or back tattoo — especially with his tongue lashing out, green slime oozing out of his mouth. A Venom tattoo would also look sick on your forearm or bicep. Because of his shape, an artist can easily incorporate him into your body, making for a very fluid piece.

Another cool Venom tattoo idea is Spiderman bursting out of the Symbiote suit. The splash of the black goo can flow with any part of the body. Speaking of, you can simply get Venom goo tattooed around your forearms or even calves. If you’re into hand tattoos, you can get the Venom symbol inked on the back of your hand. (Just be aware that hand tattoos require frequent maintenance.)


#tattoo #tattoos #sleevetattoo #venom #venom #venomtattoo