Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Go Get A Tattoo ft. Lynks

‘Go Get A Tattoo’ ft. Lynks from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ new album ‘Sticky’, OUT NOW! Listen/buy:

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Starring Sean Hart
A Common People Films Production

Directed by: Thomas Davis
Produced by: Jake River Parker
Exec Producer: Ramy Dance
Production Manager: Denny Kaulbach
Covid Supervisor: Megan Markley

1st AD: Jess Horn
2nd AD: Heba Eglamal

DOP: Adric Watson
1st AC: Rupert Hornstein
2nd AC: Guillermo Cheer
Camera Trainee: Piper Evans

Gaffer: Yan Murawski
Spark: Jock Norton
Spark: Serkan
Spark: James Griffiths

Frankcarter & Band Stylist: Lewis Munro
Protagonist Styling: Rhiannon Lagden
MUA: Emma Gandolfo
Art Director: Anthony Hensman
Art Asisstant: Blue Borley
Art Assistant: Callum Pearson

Runner: Rory Davidson
Catering: Sands Catering

Edited by: Charles Gamble
Colourist: Jonny Thorpe @ Glassworks

VFX: Darri
VFX: Felix Von Liska
VFX: Shivam Solanki

‘Go Get a Tattoo’ Lyrics

I can give it and receive it
But I don’t wanna believe that
This is all that we are good for.
I can love it I can leave it
But I don’t wanna believe it
When you say that we are done for

I can run
Or I can fight it
But it doesn’t make it right
Why are you saying that we’re no more

Are you in or are you out?
All you’re selling me is doubt
Am I not the answer you’re looking for?

Are you sure you don’t look sure?
And we’ve been in this mess before.

Smash your TV
Burn the news
All they play is different ways
That we live and we lose
Smash your sadness
Go get a tattoo
We were born to win
Not born to lose.

It’s 2 AM, fuck it
I’m getting a tattoo
That shows I love all the same shit that you do
It’s about time I tried something new
To stick and poke out my commitment issues
So ink me!
Hit me with the pen
I’m an artwork
Let the church say amen
Hey man
I won’t say it again
My body is the canvas
You could be the pen

Are you sure you don’t look sure?
And we’ve been in this mess before.
I can sing and I can dance
And it might be the only chance
To go outside and have a good time
I can sing it I can scream it
But I don’t wanna believe that
This is gonna be the last line

I want tequila on the rocks
I want the keys to all the locks
I never want a lockdown ever again

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