Coloring & Shading Cover-up Tattoo | Permanent Tattoo Tutorial

Permanent Tattoos may fade with time or are not done properly by unprofessional tattoo artists. These types of tattoos can be modified by covering up with another tattoo. In this video, tattoo artist, Amritraj will explain how an unprofessionally done tattoo can be rectified. This is the second part of the tutorial, in which, Amritraj will teach you how to go about the coloring & shading of the cover-up tattoo.
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Here, is the list of things you will require:
1) Micky Sharpz Liner
2) 15 M1 Needle
3) 15FT Tip
4) A & D Ointment
5) Black, White, Blue Ink
6) Power Supply
7) Gloves
Hope you enjoyed watching and learning this interesting tattoo tutorial video.

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